Vintage Trouble – #‎GlastonburyTrouble. Late Show with David Letterman performance. " Nancy Lee " Video feat. Carmit Bachar. Today is a pretty good day.

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Since forming in 2010, Vintage Trouble have quietly become rock 'n' roll's best kept secret anointed by its very gods on international tours in every corner of the.

Since forming in Hollywood, California, in 2010, Vintage Trouble, featuring. Civic TV commercial featuring the band performing its song “Today Is Pretty Great.

One of their more well known songs called "Today is Pretty Great" was featured in a Honda Civic commercial with the artists seen at the very beginning for a few.

28 Nov 2019. Vintage Trouble are playing the Top Hat on Sunday, Dec. across the finish line of having to conquer a new element of yourself is pretty huge.

The first thing you should know about Vintage Trouble is that it's a live band, with a very hard extra italics emphasis on the adjective. rock & roll as if every note was a necessary reminder of how good it feels to be alive. So, yeah, the dudes are pretty versatile as well. I don't want to be here today and gone tomorrow.

15 Jun 2017. Opening for Vintage Trouble tonight is Blues Rock rising talent. Jones was voted best European Guitarist at the European Music Awards and you can quickly see he is about to hit the big time. So we came to celebrate today, tomorrow. played tonight, their future release will be pretty diverse and fresh.

AC/DC mit The Vintage Trouble in Köln auf den Jahnwiesen am 19. Juni 2015 bei 80.000. To be honest: it isn't my kind of music, but at least the group's singer puts on a great show. I am pretty sure that they gained some new fans today.

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21 Nov 2019. Bob Dylan at The Met Philly, Vintage Trouble at Ardmore Music Hall, was the opening act for The Who, and its song “Today is Pretty Great”.

17 Nov 2015. Vintage Trouble returned to Glasgow for the second time in a matter of. Of course, having a frontman as good as Ty Taylor helps too!. The first three songs of their set pretty much set the tone for the rest of the performance. live, and in Ty Taylor they have, in my opinion, the best frontman in music today.

28 Oct 2015. Vintage Trouble will be performing a headlining concert at Emo's on. He told us that he wanted to capture on record what we did on stage, and I think he did a really good job. said he walked his first mile and a half on his own today, and he was. You have some pretty hardcore fans around the world.

15 Jan 2014. We're often inundated with gloomy blues, but today is actually pretty great. Our systems are becoming more efficient and sustainable, there's.

Vintage Trouble is an American rhythm & blues band. The band formed in Hollywood, One of their more well known songs called "Today is Pretty Great" was.

4 Sep 2013. We recently sat down with Vintage Trouble's dummer, Richard Danielson, So we're pretty naked and raw, which allows for space. and there are so many great new bands today that are keeping the torch lit for live rock 'n'.

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