which specializes in vintage toys. He also maintains a website about Metalcraft and is writing a book about the company, which he hopes will come out next year. The company started out in the 1920s.

Do we all need to be buying the same plastic toys manufactured in China and shipped across. That opens the door to eBay-style reselling of vintage goods, of course, but it also enables sellers to.

Early Mohair Teddy Bears Collectibles A roller coaster once used at Walt Disney World is. A wooden motorized roller coaster that carries teddy bears – and was displayed at the second annual Walt Disney World Teddy Bear Convention in. If the storybook figure hadn’t been made of

She suggests that they try to sell them on eBay. “It’s not to say there isn’t a market for vintage Americana. but it has been up for sale since 2015. Equally obsolete, but a quick seller, are old.

Unlike the traditional metal tricycles that. Currently for sale on eBay, this Big Wheel is claimed to be in unused condition and even comes with its original box—the holy grail for vintage-toy.

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And in the middle, antique shop owner Dorothy Giddings offers old car relics for sale in her Dot’s Farm Antiques shop. Together, they are offering items on eBay under Thompson’s online Applewood.

More cash goes to those with toys already in good condition, or rare. Magee has his computer ready to double check an item he isn’t sure about. Magee’s South Florida Vintage Toy. Brady Bunch.”.

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You can find Hess trucks from the 1990s for around $5 on eBay. The Hess trucks are going to be available in their stores only for a short time and into the future only for sale. Antique Mall,

https://americanprofile.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/american-pickers-mike-wolfe-frank-fritz-150×150.jpg Mike Wolfe follows his flashlight past a 1923 Avery tractor and a row of rusty gasoline pumps.

Oh, and you boot the thing up by cranking an antique clock. "Brazil"—up for sale this week on eBay, where he is "cautiously optimistic" they’ll fetch more than $2,000 each. His own desktop computer.

On Tuesday, for the first time since the 1920s, not a single vote was cast for president in America by pulling a lever. The beloved metal-lever voting machines. used in Florida 2000 ended up for.

The antiques and collectibles were slated for sale at the. and a metal and cloth hospital room divider are surrounded with "tools of the trade," including a metal bedpan. The Messingers’ son Chuck.

They are valuable enough that many buyers leave a new purchase untouched in its box, hoping to preserve its resale value, which for a sought-after toy can quickly double or triple on eBay. Prominent.

With red wire wheels, giant Firestones, bare metal. toy. If you don’t it’ll end up being little more than a 1:1 scale display model. With a Ford Model T frame fitted inside a Lockheed P-38.

that I noticed that a lot of the antique stores and junk shops in the Chicago area had old telephones for sale. This was pre-Bell System divestiture, so I don’t really know what to attribute this glut.

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Today, adults nostalgic for their youth are paying big bucks for some of these toys. Here are a dozen vintage wheeled toys worth crawling. to find the ones you played with as a kid for sale today.

A metal cutter slices through the sturdy padlock affixed to storage unit CC390 in the cold, dark basement of Harlem’s Tuck-It-Away self-storage facility. An oversized Mickey Mouse plush toy is the.

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John Lennon’s tooth—cavity and all—was sold at auction in November 2011 for $31,200, nearly twice its pre-sale estimate. A Canadian dentist. The 1955 bottle was the third of 11 bottles from that.

The 8-inch-tall bag is insulated to keep your meals at the right temperature, but the main attraction is the hunk of metal standing. for sale on eBay and through various vintage retailers.