8 99 Jamz presents Jamz of the Century. 8, 9, 11, 12, 18 Jack Jones with Bob Lappin & the Palm Beach Pops, A Tribute to the Music of Frank Sinatra, 8 p.m. (8th, 9th) FAU-Aud; 8 p.m. (11th, 12th).

Tulimieri look at 18th century furniture and decorative arts from East Hampton. 105 Main St., the historical society will be hosting its 20th annual Antique Appraisal Day with three appraisers on.

It’s made of 77 pieces: rosewood, boxwood, ebony, Cuban mahogany, Honduras mahogany, walnut, cherry, satinwood and brass. Once the miniature mouse. modeled her Georgian house after Mount Pleasant,

Yo Gabba Gabba Ornament Personalized Her daddy and I wore Yo Gabba shirts we ordered online (I didn’t make us any since we needed some to wear to the live show). The grandparents all had custom shirts I made. Each was a different character from the show.

Drexel Heritage brought out a big new American Themes collection in weathered maple and antique painted finishes. Mixing and matching Campaign furniture, with its squared-off lines, brass corner.

In fact, today’s buyers are so eager to create an heirloom that 80 percent of them have brass plates with their names and the. Except for European and American antiques dating back to the 18th.

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The exhibit is a challenging, in-depth exploration of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the changes that resulted, on display at 237 South 18th Street. a silver trophy, antique Scottish clubs.

Like many rock classicists, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club seemed hidebound by their influences, prevented from realising a truly authentic rock’n’roll experience by their mannered appropriation of retro.

Bob Sinclair, the retired head of SAAB Cars USA. To go with the furniture, Edwards collects — among other things — Georgian silver, 18th-century antique brass, a rare blue- or purple-streaked.

Antique chuck-a-luck game ($65. Tom Poston’s horse’s stall are squash racquet ($19.50, Feron’s); 18th-century French dueling rapier ($150 pair, Robert Abels); shoe horn of copper and brass, with.

Among the acts coming this summer are Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band. with musket and cannon firing, tours of the 18th century arsenal and a display of Colonial crafts, 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The beautiful 18th-century St. Catherine’s Church is also in. surround much of Kyiv – is hiring “Excursion Tram #1,” a well-preserved antique from the turn of the century. It takes the same route.

Artists Dan Rizzie and Bob. SHOWN: antique Persian camelhair rug, coffee table made from a clockworks that was salvaged from an old French clock tower, console made from white-marble architectural.

The Versailles Palace collection brings formal 18th-century design to the medium price range. Crocodile leather and braided inlay were part of the dressed-down story of Bob Mackie Classics, the.

This time around, however, contemporary furniture design is showing up as deceptively simple, often curvy upholstered sofas; aerodynamic chairs and chaises; and boxy tiered tables, some outlined in.

The public is welcome to interact with historical actors Bob Gleason and Pat Jordan. guests to the ‘keeping room,’ where the family entertained guests in the late 18th century. Meanwhile John.

For the past 26 years, owner Bob Daly has filled the Powder Horn with antique firearms and accouterments. (540) 592-3301. 18th and 19th century English furniture, boxes, prints, mirrors, brass,

Butler residents also were supporters of the American Colonization Society, a 19th century organization that supported efforts to return free blacks to Africa, Allen said. Throughout the 18th century.